By Sissi De Flaviis

Carleton University’s SOAR Student Leadership Conference is one of the most anticipated events amongst student leaders on campus as it presents a unique opportunity for them to be challenged and inspired to develop leadership skills.

Known for its top-notch keynote speakers, the seventh annual conference will be featuring global human rights activists and motivational speaker, Martin Luther King III, on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021.

Martin Luther King III

Martin Luther King III

King III serves as an ambassador of his father Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of non-violent social change. With his message of hope and responsibility, and his dedication to eradicate social, political, and economic injustice, he has become one of the world’s most ardent advocates.

“Martin Luther King is certainly a name that resonates with students from all demographics. His son, Martin Luther King III continues to share the great work that was accomplished while inspiring us all to continue with the work that still needs to be done,” said Matthew Wason, student activities and engagement coordinator at the Student Experience Office and SOAR Committee member.

“Social justice continues to be a focus within the Carleton community, and we are excited to have Martin Luther King’s legacy be shared here on campus,” said Wason.

Previous years welcomed high-profile leaders such as astronaut Chris Hadfield in 2018, entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den personality Arlene Dickinson in 2017 and most recent, activist Spencer West in 2019.

Interactive Opportunities to Grow Leadership Skills

The five-hour conference also includes a leadership blitz portion where nominated student-leaders from various demographics across campus present a two-minute speech on what leadership means to them.

SOAR attendees are invited to breakout groups to join influential and interactive TED Talk-like workshops and presentations to enhance learning about leadership qualities outside of the classroom.

This year’s programming will be held virtually which will expand the conference’ outreach according to Wason.

“We are very excited to host this year virtually. The conference sells out year after year, but now that we don’t have a hard-set number of tickets based on physical seats, more people can attend,” he said.

Tickets for the conference are now available to the Carleton community for $10.

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