Compiled By Lane Bourbonnière and Alysha A. Cunningham

Orange Shirt Day, held annually on September 30, is a national day of remembrance to mark the devastating history and intergenerational impacts of residential and day schools and to honour their survivors. The legacy of Canada’s residential school system lies not in our distant past but is recent enough that some current Carleton students are survivors. Intergenerational trauma is felt by many First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

Carleton community members are encouraged to reflect meaningfully on truth and conciliation in Canada — on Orange Shirt Day and beyond. Non-Indigenous community members can do so by pursuing their journey of allyship through education and reflection using the resources below.

Continue Learning

Discover ways to better understand the complexity of Indigenous histories and experiences and share them with those around you.

Know the Key Reports and Findings

Understand the important work that has taken place and help achieve the Calls to Action.

Support Carleton Student Success

Explore the services and programs Carleton provides for Indigenous students.

Integrate Indigenous Knowledge in the Classroom

Use the resources made available to the Carleton learning community without overburdening Indigenous experts.

Connect with Surrounding Communities

Enhance your learning by making connections with local Indigenous communities.

Carleton community members are encouraged to wear orange shirts to commemorate the day, attend the events and take time to meaningfully reflect on truth and conciliation in Canada — on Orange Shirt Day and beyond. Visit our Orange Shirt Day page to learn more.

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