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Carleton University’s James Meadowcroft, a political science and public policy and administration professor, is one of 14 members in a new task force designed to make recommendations to the Canadian government to build a clean and resilient economy post-COVID-19.

James Meadowcroft, pictured here in front of the Parliament Buildings, is on a Economic Recovery Post-COVID task force

James Meadowcroft

Meadowcroft is an international specialist in sustainable development and currently teaches sustainable energy policy and global environmental politics at Carleton.

The Task Force for a Resilient Recovery has members from diverse backgrounds, including finance, policy and sustainability leaders. Of the members, Meadowcroft provides an academic perspective.

The independent group will draft a set of green-focused recommendations over the next eight weeks on how Canada’s economy can recover in a clean and resilient fashion in a post-pandemic world.

“Canada will be making really significant investments in the coming months and what we want to make sure is that those investments are directed at building a sustainable and resilient recovery,” says Meadowcroft.

The task force will look at immediate actions and long-term investments to support Canada’s 2030 and 2050 climate goals.

The recommendations will depend on how the pandemic unfolds, said Meadowcroft.

“Nobody knows quite how the economic situation is going to evolve, but also how the situation with the pandemic is going to evolve,” said Meadowcroft.

The group launched on Tuesday, May 19 and intends to help Canada “build back better,” for long-term opportunities to support jobs, infrastructure and sustainable growth to keep Canada competitive in the clean economy, according to a press release.

The 14 members will also be supported by dedicated economic research and eight expert advisers.

The task force will produce its final report in July.

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