By Karen Kelly

The 2021 university rankings published in Maclean’s magazine on Oct. 8, 2020 confirm Carleton University’s significant momentum in the post-secondary sector, particularly in the areas of research, student satisfaction and student awards.

Among 15 comprehensive universities in Canada — those with a significant amount of research activity and a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including professional degrees — Carleton maintained its Top 5 overall ranking.

“I am pleased that Carleton’s excellence in research and education is being recognized with a strong overall showing in these national rankings,” said Carleton President Benoit-Antoine Bacon.

“This points to the notable momentum that is taking place in all areas of our university community. I am so proud of the amazing work of our faculty, staff and students, particularly through these difficult months grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

President Benoit-Antoine Bacon

President Benoit-Antoine Bacon

In the area of research, Carleton’s significant growth in research funding was recognized with a jump to No. 3 in funding in the social sciences and humanities, and a No. 5 position in science and medical funding.

Student satisfaction also remained high, with Carleton scoring No. 3 for overall satisfaction among students, No. 2 for residence living, and No. 4 in student awards, scholarships and bursaries, compared with other universities.

But Bacon noted that there is still work to be done in sharing Carleton’s good news beyond the campus.

“We rank very strongly among comprehensive universities, but the survey clearly shows that our reputation lags behind our performance,” he said, noting Carleton’s No. 9 ranking in the reputational portion of the survey.

“Telling our story more loudly will be an important part of our work in the coming year following the recent release of our new exciting Strategic Integrated Plan.”

The new Strategic Integrated Plan lays out a five-year roadmap for Carleton that emphasizes three forward looking strategic directions: Share knowledge – Shape the Future; Serve Ottawa – Serve Ottawa; Strive for Wellness – Strive for Sustainability. It was officially launched on September 30.

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