Carleton University regularly participates in a number of surveys to better understand the characteristics, needs and perceptions of students. In January 2019, Carleton was one of 46 institutions that participated in an undergraduate survey co-ordinated by the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC).

“This survey is especially meaningful because it provides us with direct student feedback as well as data from other institutions that serves as context,” said Carleton President Benoit Antoine Bacon. “This is one of the most positive set of results we’ve seen and it reflects Carleton’s momentum.”

Compared to other institutions, first-year respondents from Carleton were more likely to report that:

  • They were satisfied with their decision to attend Carleton (94 per cent);
  • Their expectations were met or exceeded (91 per cent);
  • They were satisfied with the quality of teaching (90 per cent).

This was Carleton’s 21st year of involvement with CUSC, which operates on a three-year survey cycle. Each year a sample is selected from a different group of undergraduates: first years, middle-year students and graduating students. In 2019, the sample consisted of first-year undergraduate students.

Carleton students were more likely than those at other institutions to say the main reason they chose Carleton was based on having the programs they want, programs providing co-op or work experience, and scholarship opportunities. They were less likely to choose wanting to live close to home and the cost of tuition and fees as reasons to attend Carleton.

Compared to other institutions in the survey, Carleton students reported higher levels of success in 10 out of 18 items related to adjusting to university. These areas include finding your way around campus, choosing a program of study, using the library, understanding the course material, dealing with new living arrangements, feeling like they belong at the university, meeting academic demands, performing well in written assignments, making friends and getting academic advice.

The 2019 CUSC survey provides valuable insight into the reasons students attend university, as well as their expectations, experiences and success transitioning to university. Results from this survey, along with others, help Carleton continue to improve the learning experience for its current and future students. The next CUSC survey will focus on middle-year undergraduate students and is scheduled for February 2020.

For further information on the results of Carleton surveys, click here.

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