As wildfires continue to spread across Western Canada, a Carleton expert is available to comment.

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Koreen Millard
Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University


Millard does remote sensing, mostly in peatlands.  She is available to discuss the monitoring of pre-fire conditions or how post-fire burned area mapping or burn severity is done.  She can also discuss smouldering fires, overwintering fires and “zombie fires,” which are mainly in peatlands.

Millard’s research sits at a crossroads between geomatics, physical geography and big data science. She focuses on ecosystem monitoring using remotely sensed imagery. By coupling remote sensing with extensive monitoring in the field, her research helps predict the responses of wetlands, northern ecosystems, and other vulnerable areas to change and wildfires.

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Chris Russill
Professor, School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University


Russill is an academic director at Re.Climate, a centre for climate communication and public engagement at Carleton. His current work focuses on problems of disinformation and denial in their relevance to climate action.

Russill is publishing a new study on climate misinformation that took place during the wildfires of 2023. The study will be published on June 10.

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Gabriel Wainer
Professor, Systems and Computing Engineering at Carleton University


Wainer works on modelling methods with various real-world applications – including wildfires and the spread of smoke from fires. He is available to discuss how wildfires are modeled for prediction and prevention. Wainer is the head of the Advanced Real-Time Simulation lab, located at Carleton’s Centre for Advanced Simulation and Visualization (V-Sim).

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