Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is gathering with NATO leaders for three days to mark the 75th anniversary of the defensive alliance as Russia escalates its aggression toward Ukraine. He has been met with criticism over Canada’s failure to meet the 2% minimum on defence spending. Carleton experts are available to comment.

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Aaron Ettinger
Professor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University


Ettinger specializes in international relations and United States foreign policy. His current research focuses on continuity and change in U.S. foreign policy since 2001 and its implications for world order. His recently published work covers a range of issues including U.S. and Canadian foreign policy, the private military industry and international relations.

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Fen Hampson
Professor, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University


Hampson is co-chair of the Expert Group on Canada-US relations.  His research interests include Canadian foreign policy, internet governance, international organization, international negotiation, conflict resolution and analysis. He is a frequent commentator and contributor in the national and international media.

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Stephen Saideman
Paterson Chair in International Affairs, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University


Saideman is in Washington DC for the NATO Summit Expert Forum. His research interests focus on the causes and consequences of intervention in intra-state conflicts. His current research deals with the role of legislatures in democratic civil-military relations. He teaches courses on contemporary international security, civil-military relations, and United States foreign and defence policy.

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