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Updated Feb. 18, 2010.


Selfies and portraiture: Increasingly sophisticated hand-held technology in an image-conscious society means the long-standing elite practice of portraiture is at everyone’s fingertips, even as the portrait as art form remains a unique artistic discipline and entire galleries are devoted to portraits. Seeking portrait pitches: What do depth or historic studies of portraiture reveal or say about today’s media environment? What makes a great portrait and why? What are the challenges for portrait artists?

Deadline: Ongoing


Online shopping has a big carbon footprint in terms of packaging and shipping. Are there any Canadian companies that are trying to disrupt the shipping/online shopping model?

Deadline: Any time


Canada’s lessons from SARS: how have the recommendations and measures put in place following the 2003 SARS outbreak affected Canada’s response to COVID-19, and what impact have those measures had on the spread of COVID-19 in Canada?

Deadline: Feb. 24


Great teachers: Seeking story pitches: How are they formed? What makes them great? We seem to know them when we encounter them, but can their impact be measured and assessed and if so how? What can be done to acknowledge their impact and foster their growth and success? Would love to see a story pitch that connects the personal experience of remembering a great teacher with theoretical reflection or research about teaching and learning theory and / or issues around educational infrastructure or resources.

Deadline: Ongoing