Photo of Nimo Bokore

Nimo Bokore

Associate Professor

Department:School of Social Work


Nimo Bokore is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work. She has over two decades of community-based practice experience working with Black women in the resettlement and mental health services. Bokore is a social work educator with areas of research in refugee studies (the impact of wars, forced migration, trauma), Black mental health, community-based research (local and international), social development programs and social determinants of health projects.

She is the principal investigator of research projects, including a project funded by the Ontario Black Action Plan Fund, as well as a project funded by SSHRC, “Re-Thinking Resettlement and Integration: Creating Cultural-Based Trauma-Informed Intervention.” A book about this project will be published soon.

She is currently a co-investigator in research projects, including a partnership project funded by SSHRC with the principal investigator James Milner (Political Science) named “Local Engagement Refugee Research Network” (LERRN). She leads the student training committee (Cross-Cultural and International Research) providing summer courses before the pandemic and has adapted them to online courses for the winter term. The training is currently in the process of being adapted into Migration and Diasporas Studies graduate courses.

She is a co-investigator of a Partnership Insight Grant project funded by SSHRC with the principal investigator Regine King (Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary) named “Homegrown Solutions” exploring initiatives addressing social issues in post-genocide Rwanda. It is a knowledge-producing project benefiting other war-torn countries and post-war re-development.

She is a co-investigator of a Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) funded project with the principal investigator Judith MacDonnell (School of Nursing, York University) named “Finding a Space for Me Outside of the Stereotypes.” The success of this project is seen in the multiple publications, information sheets and success with other funding for follow-up projects.

Her focus on trauma intervention, Black women’s mental health and overall health began over a decade ago when she started working at the Women’s Health In Women’s Hands Community Health Center as a psychotherapist in Toronto. It is the only community health center in Canada servicing Black women and women of colour. She is still associated with the center doing research projects. The details of these projects and others can be found online under “Nimo Bokore.”