Carleton University graduate Caitlin Salvino has been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and will be attending Oxford University starting in October 2018.

Salvino is one of just six Carleton students ever to receive a Rhodes Scholarship and one of two recipients in Ontario this year. Eleven Rhode Scholarships are awarded each year in Canada.

She will use her time at Oxford to study access to justice while pursuing a BA in Jurisprudence, the equivalent of a Canadian law degree.

Salvino graduated this spring from Carleton in April this year with a BA combined honours in Human Rights and Law. In addition to academic excellence, Salvino was selected due to her commitment to work outside the classroom, including involvement on campus with Oxfam, founding the Human Rights Society, working in the Senate as a page, studying in Washington DC as a Killam Fellow and co-founding OurTurn: A National Student Movement to End Campus Sexual Violence.


“I am incredibly honoured to have been named a Canadian Rhodes Scholar and I am excited to represent Canada and Carleton at Oxford.  I have spent most of my life working to empower marginalized groups, ranging from children living with disabilities, to women living in the global south and survivors of campus sexual violence. This honour enables me to continue pursuing my passion for access to justice at Oxford. I am saddened to be leaving Carleton, where my professors enabled me to develop my ability to engage in critical thought and meaningful community action.”—Salvino

“Winning a Rhodes Scholarship is an exceptional accomplishment and Carleton is exceptionally proud of Caitlin’s accomplishments. Caitlin understands that both research training and legal training are essential to do the work that is so important to her and she will take full advantage of her opportunities at Oxford.” –Carleton President Alastair Summerlee.

“Caitlin Salvino is a women of immense passion for the causes that she holds dear — and has an exceptional ability to advance them. Her deepest conviction is that the legal system could do a lot more to help the disadvantaged – if they could only access it. She is determined to improve access to justice — and already, not just in Canada but also in the U.S. and in a number of Latin American and African countries, has helped to make advances in this area. Recently, she has become deeply involved in the issue of sexual assault on university campuses. She led the team that pushed Carleton to rethink its sexual assault policy and then created a Canada-wide consortium to do the same.” — Andrew Brook, Chancellor’s Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science Emeritus, Rhode Scholar, Alberta, 1966.

About the Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Trust, based at the University of Oxford, brings together and develops exceptional people from all over the world, in all fields of study, who are impatient with the way things are and have the courage to act. Established in 1903, the Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious international graduate scholarship program in the world.  Nearly 8,000 Rhodes Scholars have gone on to serve at the forefront of government, the professions, commerce, the arts, education, research and other domains. They are well-known advocates for expanded social justice and have advanced the frontiers of science and medicine. The Rhodes Trust funds Rhodes Scholarships in partnership with its Second Century Founders, John McCall MacBain, the Atlantic Philanthropies, and many other generous benefactors.

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