Dear Members of the Carleton Community,

Carleton is building the new Health Sciences Building for Health Sciences and Neuroscience at a cost of some $45 million. Considerable consultation went into this project.

When Neuroscience moves out of its current location in Life Sciences, major renovations are required. We had no funds for this project.

The Strategic Infrastructure Fund covering energy-efficient renovations for research space was announced. Carleton submitted the Life Sciences renovation and planned to include environmental projects, including water, big data and IT. Faculty members with research projects in those areas are anxiously waiting for the space and professors who will fill in behind them are waiting for their space. It is like a set of dominoes.

It should be noted that we will not receive the funds if we do not complete the project on time. The start date was moved as late as possible.

Over the summer the vice-president (Research and International) and his staff met with researchers in Neuroscience and made a list of their needs. The dean also met with the department chair and various members of the faculty and has worked closely with technical staff and the director of the facility.

They sought to resolve the issues raised by finding temporary space.

Space has been secured today. The University of Ottawa has graciously agreed to make labs and other space available to us. This space is superior in quality to the present location. It meets all requirements and standards.

I realize the difficulty of moving, but assure everyone that all will be transported with the greatest care by appropriately licenced companies. I ask you all to come together to plan this move and to help ensure that all projects are protected.

I invite you to meet with your chair and dean to discuss and elaborate the plans.

Roseann O’Reilly Runte
President and Vice-Chancellor

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 in
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