Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program launched Lead To Win Cyber (LTW Cyber) today, an innovation cluster for technology ventures that have agreed to collaborate and address the needs of the global cybersecurity market. This is the first time that LTW has created a business hub and it plans to add others.

“Lead to Win is being transformed into an ecosystem with product-market clusters made up of companies that go global from day one,” said Tony Bailetti, TIM program director. “The first of these clusters will be built around the cybersecurity space.”

LTW Cyber will support Canadian technology ventures that wish to globalize rapidly and early. To accomplish this, a technology venture needs to collaborate with other ventures and organizations. Each technology venture in the new cluster will seek collaborative opportunities while pursuing their own opportunities.

“We operate at a very particular level, focusing on one particular problem, but cybersecurity is such a huge field and we look forward to working with other companies in the cluster to fill in the gaps,” said Ken Duck, CEO of Vör Security. “Every company here is unique and we believe there is a way we can work with each of them. We can help them and they can help us.”

Ventures in LTW Cyber focus on application security, grounded by trusted firmware and complemented by offerings identifying vulnerabilities and analyzing open-source software.  As the hub matures, the product mix will become increasingly compelling.

“My company helps increase situational awareness for first responders and the military,” said Keystone D’Aout, founder of Kainos Solutions. “My company helps them make better decisions while under stressful conditions. When we first spoke, Tony Bailetti tore up all my ideas, but he put me on the right track with even better ideas. These other companies can all contribute something to my company and make it even stronger.”

The initial companies in LTW Cyber include:

  • Crack Semiconductor
  • Denilson
  • Global Cybersecurity Monitor
  • Kaino Solutions
  • Vör Security
  • Xahive

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