Carleton University’s Lead to Win (LTW) program has been awarded In-TAC’s Capacity Builder Award. The award was presented on Friday, May 2, 2014 at In-TAC’s Appreciation Gala at the National Arts Centre. The gala celebrated the accomplishments of more than 200 graduates of In-TAC’s employment programs and its successful collaborations with employer partners and community stakeholders like Carleton and the LTW program.

“On behalf of the Lead to Win program and its participants, we’re honoured receive this award,” said Tony Bailetti, director of Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management program. “In-TAC has been a valuable partner that has helped entrepreneurs in the Lead to Win program take their businesses to the next level by connecting them with talented international professionals.”

LTW is an award-winning business development program with the objective to establish and grow businesses in Canada’s National Capital Region. LTW was founded to develop technology based business, but over time the program has grown to encompass all growth-oriented businesses. To be involved in the program, each business makes it their mission to generate a minimum of six jobs within three years of starting up.

“Lead to Win has provided valuable ongoing support to In-TAC’s programs and services,” said Ying Xie, Senior Manager of In-TAC. “It is because of the outstanding efforts of stakeholders like Carleton’s Lead to Win program that In-TAC has been so successful in making a positive contribution to the employment rates and the integration of professional IT and accounting graduates.”

About Carleton University:
Carleton University fosters a rich entrepreneurial environment through a number of initiatives. All Carleton students, regardless of their field of study, can take a minor in entrepreneurship. In 2011, the university launched a unique program called Carleton Entrepreneurs that offers participants access to specialized expertise and support to help them turn their business ideas into successful ventures.

Carleton also offers a Technology Innovation Management program. Led by Tony Bailetti, the master’s program is specifically designed for those who are serious about creating wealth at an early stage.

The university continues to introduce new entrepreneurship academic programs through the Sprott School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering and Design. By working closely with the community, Carleton has helped spin off more than 150 different businesses since 2009 with more than $5 million from various funding and university-driven activities invested in entrepreneurship.

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