A new cybersecurity corporation to be headquartered in Orléans was announced at City Hall today by several participating agencies, including Carleton University. Mayor Jim Watson, with Royal Galipeau, MP for Ottawa-Orléans, Orléans Ward Councillor Bob Monette, Carleton Prof. Tony Bailetti and participants in the innovative project today launched VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation, an independent, non-profit group with the vision of making Canada a global leader in cybersecurity.

VENUS will act as a business incubator for Ottawa’s east end in this knowledge-based industry. It will attract new companies to Ottawa, allow for their expansion and growth, while stimulating future job creation.

“The launch of the VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation is evidence of Carleton’s commitment to establish initiatives in a global context for the purpose of promoting a productive, innovative and sustainable knowledge economy in Canada,” said Carleton University President Roseann O’Reilly Runte. “Carleton extends its best wishes to the strategic founding members of this not-for-profit organization and the citizens of Orleans.”

VENUS (Virtual Environment for Networks of Ubiquitous Security) will seek to address the threat posed by cyberattacks to Canadian citizens, businesses and government. Cyberattacks include such computer-assisted aggression as disrupting critical infrastructure, stealing intellectual property, identity theft, compromising online bank accounts, posting confidential information, creating and distributing viruses and encrypting systems to demand ransom.

VENUS will carry out research and development projects, launch new ventures, build shared infrastructure, advance cybersecurity science and practice, expand cybersecurity education, and produce recommendations for action.

“The city’s investment and participation in VENUS will create quality, knowledge-based jobs in the east end, create more diversity in our economy and foster improved cybersecurity for all,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “By harnessing the collective abilities of Ottawa’s federal government agencies, our vibrant academic community and our private high-technology firms, VENUS will ensure that Ottawa is well-positioned to compete in this growing sector.”

The VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation is supported by Carleton University, Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and its Industrial Research Assistance Program, the Province of Ontario, the City of Ottawa, and TELUS Communications Company.

To create VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation the NRC, CSEC, Ontario, Ottawa, and TELUS each are investing up to $250,000 in cash and/or in-kind services. The company plans to hire about 60 people over the coming months. By 2017, VENUS hopes to have stimulated the creation of many new knowledge jobs in Canada.

About Carleton University:
Carleton University fosters a rich entrepreneurial environment through a number of initiatives. All Carleton students, regardless of their field of study, can take a minor in entrepreneurship. In 2011, the university launched a unique program called Carleton Entrepreneurs that offers participants access to specialized expertise and support to help them turn their business ideas into successful ventures.

Carleton also offers a Technology Innovation Management program. Led by Tony Bailetti, the master’s program is specifically designed for those who are serious about creating wealth at an early stage.

The university continues to introduce new entrepreneurship academic programs through the Sprott School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering and Design. By working closely with the community, Carleton has helped spin off more than 150 different businesses since 2009 with more than $5 million from various funding and university-driven activities invested in entrepreneurship.

Media Inquiries:
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Media Relations Co-ordinator
Carleton University
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