Best of TIM Review for Technology Entrepreneurs Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Birth of Digital Equipment Canada

Carleton University’s Tony Bailetti and Brian Hurley, Carleton graduate and president and CEO of Purple Forge Corporation, published the first eBook of a series that is being developed to assist entrepreneurs worldwide launch and grow their technology businesses.

“I am delighted to learn that today Best of TIM Review for Technology Entrepreneurs is ranked number one in three categories maintained by the Amazon Kindle Store: “Bestseller in Entrepreneurship,” “Bestseller in Small Business & Entrepreneurship” and “Hot New Release in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, ” said Bailetti. “This is great news for the authors of the articles we included in the eBook, as well as for Carleton University and Canada’s Capital Region.”

Best of TIM Review for Technology Entrepreneurs is essential reading bringing together 16 of the most insightful, relevant and popular articles on technology entrepreneurship published in the Technology Innovation Management Review (TIM Review).

The first book commemorates the 50th anniversary of the birth of Digital Equipment Canada in Ottawa and celebrates the many contributions that Denzil Doyle, the company’s founding president, has made to the Ottawa-Gatineau technology community.  The launch of Digital Equipment Canada brought computing to Ottawa. In appreciation of his work, Carleton awarded Doyle an
honorary doctorate in the 1980s. Doyle, now chairman of Doyletech Corporation, authored the foreword of this first eBook.

The team developing the eight eBooks includes Michael Weiss, at Carleton’s Department of Systems and Computer Engineering; Steven Muegge and Mika Westerlund, Sprott School of Business; Chris McPhee, editor-in-chief of the TIM Review; Stoyan Tanev, University of Southern Denmark; Jonathan Wells, Office of the Vice President (Research and International); Brian Hurley CEO of Purple Forge and many technology entrepreneurs who are engaged with the faculty and students of Carleton’s Technology Innovation Management program.

Best of TIM Review for Technology Entrepreneurs (ISBN: 978-0-7709-0559-0) is available for purchase from Amazon for $9.99.  For more information and to purchase, please visit

All net proceeds from the sales of this e-book will go to pay for the operating costs of the TIM Review.

About the TIM Review
The TIM Review ( provides insightful content about the issues and emerging trends relevant to launching and growing technology businesses. The refereed journal focuses on the theories, strategies, and tools that help small and large technology companies succeed.


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