Carleton University announced today it has decided not to sign onto the new licence agreement with Access Copyright that was negotiated by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and proposed in April.

Carleton withdrew from the old Access Copyright tariff back in September 2011, along with several other Canadian post-secondary institutions, and the university has been carrying out its own copyright clearance process since then.

“We gave the issue a very thorough review and consulted widely with our internal stakeholders and external experts,” said Peter Ricketts, Provost and Vice-President (Academic). “This is the right decision for Carleton because we already have all the policies and procedures in place to ensure that we are complying with copyright laws, rules and regulations.”

Copyright law and the digital landscape are changing rapidly. Carleton is working closely with its community to maximize due diligence and to respond to any amendments made to the Copyright Act currently under consideration in Canada’s Senate.

Access Copyright is the copyright collective that collects fees from Canadian universities and colleges on behalf of publishers. It offered discount incentives to universities to sign a licence by June 30, 2012. Carleton already has a vast digital library and licence agreements with many publishers.

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