Dominican College and Carleton University announced today an affiliation agreement.  Non-ecclesiastical programs and academic degrees offered at Dominican will become part of Carleton’s Institutional Quality Assurance Program and be subject to approval by Carleton’s Senate.

Dominican students will be registered at Carleton and attend classes at their home institution. They will receive diplomas which are authorized by both institutions and bear both names. Funding for these students will flow through Carleton, which will be responsible for assuring quality and reporting.

Present in Ottawa since the late 19th century,  Dominican College is a bilingual institution that was granted a civil charter by the Ontario Government in 1967, allowing it to offer purely academic degree programs in philosophy and theology as well as vocational degrees.  Recently, the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies reviewed and approved its graduate programs in philosophy. There are 82 undergraduate and 53 graduate students at Dominican from 10 countries.

Carleton University celebrates its 70th anniversary in the nation’s capital this year.  With a tradition of innovative thinking, interdisciplinary programs, an emphasis on globalization, sustainability and community service, Carleton is home to over 26,000 students from over 100 nations around the world who study in 65 programs ranging from engineering and science to the arts and social sciences.

Dominican President Maxime Allard:  “The idea of the university has, at its roots, the concept of bringing together people from diverse groups, separated by language and culture, in a common quest. The affiliation of our two institutions reflects this ideal because of the diversity of our histories, our cultural roots and secular and non-secular traditions.  In this context, intellectual and institutional work can only benefit from this union and offers an interesting future perspective for our students and society.”

Carleton President Roseann O’Reilly Runte:  “Good neighbors share and together prosper.  Great post-secondary institutions, as Dominican College and Carleton University, located in close proximity, have much to share and our province and nation have much to gain thereby.  Efficient administration and quality assurance are obviously attractive in the current economic times.  Increased opportunities to explore the wealth of our libraries and archives, to attend interesting lectures and to learn from each other are opportunities which line a horizon which, like the few short blocks between our campuses, will be well travelled as our futures now become a history shared.”

Glen Murray, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities:  “The agreement being developed between Dominican College and Carleton University is expected to strengthen the financial viability of the college. As a future affiliate of Carleton University, Dominican College will continue to offer Ontario students rich learning opportunities in philosophy and theology.”

Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services and Minister responsible for Francophone Affairs: “I’m delighted that these two Ottawa institutions are developing a plan for affiliation. Dominican College has a rich history in our area and brings its long tradition of teaching philosophy and theology that dates back to the 13th century.”


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