The deadly earthquake near Taiwan left the country reeling. Carleton experts are available to discuss a variety of subjects related to this devastating event.

If you are interested in speaking with the experts below, please feel free to contact them directly. If you require other assistance, please email Steven Reid, Media Relations Officer, at

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Jeffrey Erochko
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carleton University

Email: JeffreyErochko@CUNET.CARLETON.CA

Erochko is available to discuss the impact of earthquakes on infrastructure and earthquake-resistant structures.

For more on Erochko, visit:

Maurice Lamontagne
Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University


Formerly with the Geological Survey of Canada, Lamontagne completed research on Canadian intraplate earthquakes. His publications described earthquake hazard zones of eastern Canada and the effects of earthquakes on natural and built environments. He also worked on reservoir-triggered earthquakes and how scientists can best communicate natural hazard information.

Note: Lamontagne is available to do interviews in French and English.

For more on Lamontagne, visit:

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