May 1, 2023

To all members of the Carleton community,

It has been over three years since our community, and the world, had to take extraordinary measures in an effort to mitigate the risks posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have come a long way in that time, navigating challenges with flexibility and compassion, and although COVID-19 is not quite fully gone from our lives, we have adapted and learned to coexist with it.

As we finish the 2022/2023 academic year and move into a new season, please see below an update on the remaining COVID-19 measures at Carleton.

No Symptom Reporting: Stay Home if Unwell

You are no longer required to submit a Symptom Reporting Form through cuScreen when you are unwell. Environmental Health and Safety or Health and Wellness Services will no longer be assessing circumstances and advising on appropriate isolation timelines. Previous guidance requiring individuals to self-isolate for five days after the onset of an illness is no longer necessary.

Remaining vigilant and not coming to campus when sick is still important. If you are feeling unwell, protect your colleagues, classmates and the Carleton community by staying home until you are feeling better.


Although vaccinations are still recommended as a way to reduce your risks, reporting proof of vaccination is not required. cuScreen will no longer be available to upload vaccination documentation.


Masks are not required on campus. However, in line with other health care facilities, Health Services and the Sports Medicine Clinic may continue to require masks. Personal preferences regarding optional mask use will vary, and we ask that everyone show respect for the choices of others.

Campus Infrastructure

Facilities Management and Planning will continue to monitor ventilation systems throughout all buildings and the tunnels, which have been fitted with high-efficiency (MERV 13) filters. Hand sanitizer will also continue to be available at all building entrances.

Physical barriers and mitigation methods, such as plexiglass and signage, are no longer required. If you would like assistance with removal, please contact Facilities Management and Planning.

Digital Tools

With changes to processes around reporting and assessment, we will no longer need cuScreen to support our efforts. All QR code location check-in posters will be removed. The COVID-19 website and email account will also be retired.

As we transition into this new phase, we continue to be grateful for the flexibility, compassion and respect for one another that we have demonstrated since the beginning of the pandemic.


Suzanne Blanchard
COVID-19 Lead
On behalf of the COVID-19 Steering Committee

Monday, May 1, 2023 in
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