An impressive 85 Carleton University researchers, past and present, have secured a coveted spot on the 2022 Stanford-Elsevier list of the world’s most-cited scholars. This exceptional achievement places them in the world’s top 2% most-cited scholars, showcasing the unparalleled impact of Carleton’s groundbreaking research.

The citations span 46 subjects, encompassing key areas of the university’s research strengths in the arts and social sciences, public affairs as well as science and engineering.

These achievements underscore Carleton’s ongoing commitment to advancing world-class research, contributing to its position as one of Canada’s fastest growing research-intensive universities.

The university takes pride in its world-class researchers, whose vision, dedication, and innovation serve as true inspirations. Carleton researchers continue to work closely with community and industry partners on innovative solutions to some of society’s most complex and pressing challenges.

Researchers by topic


  • Liu, Jie

Aerospace & Aeronautics

  • Ellery, Alex
  • Kind, Richard J.
  • Nitzsche, Fred

Analytical Chemistry

  • DeRosa, Maria C.

Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing

  • Dehne, Frank
  • Guo, Yuhong
  • Kranakis, Evangelos
  • Petriu, Dorina
  • Santoro, Nicola
  • Somayaji, Anil
  • Woodside, Murray

Behavioral Science & Comparative Psychology

  • Godin, Jean Guy J.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

  • Storey, Kenneth B.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Adler, Andy

Building & Construction

  • Beausoleil-Morrison, Ian
  • O’Brien, William

Chemical Physics

  • Wright, James S.

Clinical Psychology

  • Spanos, Nicholas P.

Computation Theory & Mathematics

  • Bose, Prosenjit


  • Andrews, D. A.
  • Hanson, R. Karl

Developmental Biology

  • Holcik, Martin


  • Fahrig, Lenore
  • Forbes, M. R.


  • Sénéchal, Monique

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

  • Chaoui, Hicham
  • Copeland, Miles


  • Meadowcroft, James


  • Cappuccino, Naomi

Environmental Sciences

  • Boutin, Céline
  • Braune, Birgit
  • Letcher, Robert J.
  • Mineau, Pierre
  • Norstrom, R. J.

Evolutionary Biology

  • Sherratt, Thomas N.

Geochemistry & Geophysics

  • Bell, Keith
  • Ernst, Richard E.
  • Mungall, James E.
  • Ranalli, Giorgio


  • Burn, C. R.

Geological & Geomatics Engineering

  • King, Doug


  • Phillips, Mark Salber

Industrial Engineering & Automation

  • Huang, Minyi
  • Liu, Xiaoping
  • Sasiadek, Jurek Z.

Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry

  • Crutchley, Robert J.

International Relations

  • Walters, William

Literary Studies

  • Brouillette, Sarah

Logistics & Transportation

  • Hassan, Yasser


  • Miller, Ronald E.

Mechanical Engineering & Transports

  • Coleman, C. E.
  • Wang, Xin

Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences

  • Gruber, Stephan

Mycology & Parasitology

  • Seifert, Keith A.

Networking & Telecommunications

  • Achar, Ramachandra
  • Banihashemi, Amir H.
  • Barbeau, Michel
  • Falconer, David
  • Ibnkahla, Mohamed
  • Kunz, Thomas
  • Lung, Chung Horng
  • Nakhla, Michel S.
  • Yanikomeroglu, Halim
  • Zhang, Qi Jun

Neurology & Neurosurgery

  • Anisman, Hymie
  • Albert, P. R.
  • Kelly, Jack B.
  • Tombaugh, Tom N.

Nuclear & Particle Physics

  • Godfrey, S.

Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging

  • Rogers, David W.O.

Operations Research

  • Wainer, Gabriel A.


  • Albert, Jacques

Optoelectronics & Photonics

  • Gauthier, Robert C.


  • Patterson, R. Timothy

Political Science & Public Administration

  • Demircioglu, Mehmet Akif


  • Sundararajan, Pudupadi R.

Social Sciences Methods

  • Zimmerman, Donald W.

Statistics & Probability

  • Rao, J. N.K.

Strategic, Defence & Security Studies

  • van Oorschot, Paul C.


  • Fried, Peter
  • Fox, Glen A.
  • Miller, J. David
  • Villeneuve, Paul J.

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