Carleton University, a research-intensive university based in Ottawa, and Ross Video, the leading live event and video production technology manufacturer, have established a three-year partnership to spearhead innovation and foster talent development in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital systems and hardware design.

In addition to a shared focus on research and innovation, the partnership is a commitment to continue engaging students through cooperative education, internships, research initiatives, and experiential learning—providing opportunities for new and current students, but also helping create a stronger workforce for the video and live event production industry for years to come.

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Carleton University and Ross Video leaders and collaborators who were integral to the partnership’s success, present at the celebration and signing of the multi-year partnership.

“As a long-time collaborator with Carleton University, we are thrilled to establish this integrated partnership that combines our shared expertise and commitment to innovation,” said David Ross, Ross Video’s CEO.

“Carleton’s exceptional talent in science and engineering, coupled with their dedication to producing top-notch graduates, makes them an ideal partner for Ross Video. We are confident that together we will push the boundaries of technology and advance the live event and video production industry.”

“Partnerships between academic institutions and industry are a critical factor in accelerating solutions to the world’s most pressing issues,” said Jerry Tomberlin, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, Carleton University. “We take pride in our deep expertise in science and engineering and our commitment to producing exceptional talent and research that will make a difference. This partnership with Ross Video is a natural fit. We are excited about this integrated partnership and look forward to the successes we will achieve together.”

Carleton researchers and students will collaborate with Ross Video to explore product design and development. One key research area has been enhancing image stabilization techniques by researching vibration control for robotic camera systems. Future research collaboration aims to explore AI related technologies.

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Ross Video’s CTO, Troy English (left), and Carleton University’s Rafik Goubran, VP of Research and International (right), formally sign a multi-year partnership agreement to spearhead innovation and foster talent development.

“We are very pleased to partner with Ross Video to advance research and development in robotics, artificial intelligence, and digital systems and hardware design,” said Rafik Goubran, Vice-President, Research and International.

“The research has the potential to transform the industry and create significant opportunities for students, and we look forward to working closely with Ross Video to achieve these goals.”

Ross Video has also long supported Carleton’s co-op program, consistently hiring talented individuals since 2001. Over the course of the partnership, Ross Video plans to expand its co-op hires and explore opportunities for internships. Ross will also remain a founding partner of the Women in Engineering & IT (WiE&IT) Program for three more years.

In addition, the company has established the Ross Video Award for Indigenous Students, underscoring their commitment to philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

A large group of people pose for a group phone in front of a black backdrop.

Rafik Goubran (centre back), Troy English (centre back) and Jennifer Conley (far right) celebrate the multi-year partnership on December 7, alongside Carleton co-op students and new grads currently working at Ross Video.

Carleton’s growing success in corporate engagement stems from a new integrated approach—offering a multi-faceted and mutually beneficial relationship for an organization looking to achieve multiple objectives. The university works closely with partners to address business challenges, while also creating experiential learning opportunities for students and researchers. In the past five years, Carleton has established long-term and strategic partnerships with Ericsson, BlackBerry QNX, IBM Canada and a host of other organizations.

About Carleton University

Carleton University is a dynamic, research-intensive institution that engages in partnerships to address the world’s most pressing challenges. The university’s corporate collaborations bring together world-class companies, researchers and a new generation of talent with over 30,000 students to deliver innovations and results that are driving a more prosperous, sustainable future.

About Ross Video

Ross powers live video productions for billions of global viewers daily with the industry’s widest range of high-impact, high-efficiency solutions, and services. Ross makes it easy to create compelling news, weather, and sports broadcasts, engaging content for sports stadium screens, entertainment shows and rock concerts, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate presentations and inspiring content for houses of worship.

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