Carleton University is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with CityStudio Ottawa. Initially launched in November 2022 as a collaboration between the City of Ottawa and the University of Ottawa, the CityStudio Ottawa experiential learning initiative is expanding to include Carleton University and Algonquin College. The collaboration marks a significant step in Carleton’s pursuit of academic excellence, research innovation and community development in the Ottawa region.

CityStudio Ottawa is an innovation platform for civic and post-secondary education that links the city’s needs with the expertise and creativity of local researchers, faculty experts and students. Led by Chantal Trudel, Director of Carleton’s Centre for Community Engagement, the collaboration is advancing key priorities outlined in the university’s Strategic Plan for Community Engagement and will provide students, faculty and staff with new ways of contributing to regional priorities, expanding the city’s collective impact.

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership journey to foster a more inclusive, healthier and sustainable city,” said L. Pauline Rankin, Carleton’s Provost and Vice-President (Academic). “Together, we will connect and mobilize students, faculty, the City of Ottawa and community members to collectively advance initiatives towards effecting change in the Ottawa region.”

Through the partnership, Carleton students and researchers will develop skills and professional networks to advance important initiatives. City staff will receive increased capacity, creativity and expertise to address challenges more comprehensively.

“Ottawa’s ability to be a world-class city starts with our incredible post-secondary institutions. It is great to see that we are now partnered with representatives from three of our post-secondary institutions. You are all fantastic ambassadors for #TeamOttawa, as you are our strong pipeline of talent for the City of Ottawa,” said Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe. “I am so very excited about what’s to come. I think about how much Ottawa has changed in the past decade. And I think ahead 10 years and imagine the results of what we are planning to build today. It’s amazing to know that we have your valuable contributions to get us there.”

Carleton’s partnership with CityStudio Ottawa, scheduled to launch in January 2024, represents the future of post-secondary education as more collaborative, innovative and community-driven.

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