Carleton University experts are available to discuss the possible public service strike and its impact, now that PSAC members are now in a legal strike position.

If you are interested in speaking with the experts below, please feel free to reach out to them directly. If you require other assistance, please email Steven Reid, Media Relations Officer, at

Ian Lee
Professor, Sprott School of Business at Carleton University


Lee frequently speaks to the media about government budgets, deficit and debt, government fiscal and monetary policy, and government regulation of businesses.

For more information on Lee visit:

Robert Shepherd
Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University

Shepherd’s research spans public management and governmental reform, Indigenous public management, ethics, and policy and program evaluation. He is interested in how public accountability and oversight systems intersect to improve overall public management and governance systems. In addition, his research extends to understanding how governmental program evaluation functions can improve public policy and decision-making. Improving ethics in government also contributes to governmental legitimacy and democracy.

For more on Shepherd visit:

Media Contact
Steven Reid (he/him)
Media Relations Officer
Carleton University

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