Police have cautioned area residents that ‘vehicle-based protests’ could arrive in the coming days and Carleton University experts are available to comment.

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Alex Bing
Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University

Email: alex.bing@carleton.ca

Bing has written about how during ‘freedom convoy’ and other vaccine protests, slogans cross the political aisle. He is available to discuss whether the convoy was fringe, and the differing definitions of being “fringe.” He can also discuss the unusual use of political slogans during the protest and the role of social media.

For more about Bing visit: https://carleton.ca/socanth/profile/alex-bing/

Gregory Brown
Research Professor and Instructor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University

Email: gregoryr.brown@carleton.ca

Brown is available to discuss subjects related to policing during the convoy protest.

Brown’s research focuses on various issues within contemporary policing and the criminal justice system, including police use of force, new visibility technologies, police body-worn cameras, today’s public-police relationship, procedural justice and police legitimacy, and the phenomenon of de-policing and risk-averse practices among today’s front-line officers.

For more on Brown visit: https://carleton.ca/socanth/profile/greg-brown/

Stephanie Carvin
Professor, The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University

Email: stephanie.carvin@carleton.ca

Carvin’s research interests are in the area of national security and international security and international law. Currently, she is teaching in the areas of critical infrastructure protection and national security. She has written opinion pieces and commented in the media on a wide range of stories about the original illegal convoy protest.

Her most recent book is Stand on Guard: Reassessing Threats to Canada’s National. She is the co-author of Intelligence and Policy Making: The Canadian Experience with Thomas Juneau, and Science, Law, Liberalism and the American Way of Warfare: The Quest for Humanity in Conflict co-authored with Michael J. Williams. From 2012-2015, she was an analyst with the Government of Canada focusing on national security issues.

For more on Carvin, visit: https://carleton.ca/npsia/people/stephanie-carvin/

Monia Mazigh
Professor, Department of English Language and Literature at Carleton University

Email: Monia.Mazigh@Carleton.ca

Mazigh was part of the Ottawa People’s Commission that held a hearing and produced a report on the impact of the original convoy protest.

Mazigh is an academic, author, novelist, and human rights advocate. She writes on political affairs and on topics she feels strongly about like Canadian politics, terrorism, national security, and women in Islam.

For more on Mazigh, visit: https://moniamazigh.wordpress.com/about/

Eric Van Rythoven
Instructor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University

Email: ericvanrythoven@cmail.carleton.ca

Van Rythoven’s research examines the intersection between emotion, International Relations, and the politics of security. He is principally interested in what political emotions are, how they shape debates about security, and how they become sites of contestation in global politics.

He has written on how the original Ottawa convoy protest points to a failure of civic education.

He teaches a range of courses including Introduction to International Relations, Canadian Foreign Policy, the Globalization of Human Rights, Advanced International Relations Theory, Emotion and Images in International Politics, and Frontiers of Emotional Diplomacy.

For more on Van Rythoven, visit: https://experts.carleton.ca/eric-van-rythoven

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