Carleton University experts are available to discuss artificial intelligence (AI).

If you are interested in speaking with the experts below, please feel free to reach out directly. If you require other assistance, please email Steven Reid, Media Relations Officer, at

Mohamed Al Guindy
Professor of Finance, Sprott School of Business at Carleton University

Al Guindy’s research focuses on how technology, including artificial intelligence, affects financial markets and economics. He can also discuss AI generally. Al Guindy’s research also includes a study on cryptocurrency adoption in Canada. His work is featured on Yahoo Finance, Investment Relations Magazine, and Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.

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Jim Davies
Professor, Department of Cognitive Science at Carleton University


Davies is available to discuss a number of topics involving AI, including:

  • How ChatGPT and other similar technologies are making essay assignments difficult in education.
  • The ethical issues and practical impacts of AI image generation software.
  • The potential threat of AI and general intelligence.
  • AI and consciousness, and to what extent popular AIs think, or think like people.

As director of the Science of Imagination Laboratory, Davies explores computational modelling and artificial intelligence applied to human visual imagination. His work has shown how people use visual thinking to solve problems and how they visualize imagined situations and worlds. He is co-host of the award-winning Minding the Brain podcast.

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Ksenia Yadav
Professor, Department of Electronics at Carleton University


Yadav is available to discuss a number of AI and machine learning (ML) related subjects, including how these new tools may enable people to solve complex and previously intractable problems across a number of fields. The United Nations has predicted that some of the most pressing environmental, social and economic problems of our civilization will be among the biggest beneficiaries of these technologies.

She can also discuss the potential for AI and ML to be misused in various ways, including malicious attacks, misinformation, as well as propagation of biases and discrimination.

Yadav’s current research involves the use of AI and ML in the design and manufacturing of electronic components. She advises on educational challenges in rapidly evolving technological fields, lowering barriers to STEM in underrepresented populations, and effective collaborations between the public and private sectors.

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