January 28 marks the one-year anniversary of the Freedom Convoy protests in downtown Ottawa raising questions about the future of such protests in the nation’s capital and across Canada. Carleton experts are available to the media to discuss a variety of subjects related to this event.

If you are interested in speaking with an expert below, please feel free to reach out to them directly. If you require other assistance, please email Steven Reid, Media Relations Officer, at steven.reid3@carleton.ca.

Trish Audette-Longo
Professor, School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University

Email: Patricia.AudetteLongo@carleton.ca

Audette-Longo is available to discuss the convoy and how the media were treated during this period.

Audette-Longo teaches digital journalism and reporting. She has covered the environment, politics and crime beats for The Edmonton Journal and managed digital engagement for National Observer. Her reporting has appeared in a cross-section of Postmedia publications, J-Source, Alberta Views, and The Hill Times.

For more on Audette-Longo visit: https://carleton.ca/sjc/profile/audette-longo-trish/

Alex Bing
Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University

Email: alex.bing@carleton.ca

Bing has written about how during ‘freedom convoy’ and other vaccine protests, slogans cross the political aisle. He is available to discuss whether the convoy was fringe, and the differing definitions of being “fringe.” He can also discuss the unusual use of political slogans during the protest and the role of social media.

For more about Bing visit: https://carleton.ca/socanth/profile/alex-bing/

Gregory Brown
Research Professor and Instructor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University

Email: gregoryr.brown@carleton.ca

Brown is available to discuss subjects related to policing during the convoy protest.

Brown’s research focuses on various issues within contemporary policing and the criminal justice system, including police use of force, new visibility technologies, police body-worn cameras, today’s public-police relationship, procedural justice and police legitimacy, and the phenomenon of de-policing and risk-averse practices among today’s front-line officers.

For more on Brown visit: https://carleton.ca/socanth/profile/greg-brown/

Andrew Cohen
Professor, School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University

Email: Andrew.Cohen@carleton.ca

Cohen has written extensively on the protest, including the articles Canada’s trucker protesters aren’t who Americans might think, and Ottawa, a capital without imagination or ambition, collapses under siege. It’s not hard to see why.

Cohen is an author and journalist who has worked for a wire service as well as leading newspapers and magazines as reporter, editor, editorial writer, columnist and foreign correspondent. In his 37-year journalism career, he has written for Time, the Ottawa Citizen, and United Press International. He also wrote for the Financial Post and the Globe and Mail from Washington, London, Berlin and Toronto.

For more on Cohen, please visit: https://carleton.ca/sjc/profile/cohen-andrew/

Laura Madokoro
Professor, Department of History at Carleton University

Email: laura.madokoro@carleton.ca

Madokoro is available to discuss the cold war measures used by the protestors.

Her research explores various the history of migration, with a particular focus on refugee history and the history of humanitarianism. She is especially interested in questions relating to settler colonialism, human rights and race.

For more on Madokoro visit: https://carleton.ca/history/people/laura-madokoro/

Jonathan Malloy
Professor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University

Email: jonathan.malloy@carleton.ca

Malloy is available to talk about a number of subjects related to the protests. He has wrote on the convoy in the article, Understanding Canada’s crisis: Has Trumpism arrived or are people just tired of pandemic restrictions?

Malloy, Carleton’s Honourable Dick and Ruth Bell Chair in Canadian Parliamentary Democracy, is available to discuss subjects related to Canadian politics and identity. His key research areas include Canadian political institutions, parliamentary committees, prime ministerial leadership, and social movements.

For more on Malloy visit: https://carleton.ca/polisci/people/malloy-jonathan/

Conrad Winn
Professor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University


Winn has expertise in political communication, public opinion and political culture. His books include Political Parties in Canada, Broadcasting Policy, and House of Commons Reform. As a public opinion researcher, Winn has provided strategic counsel to Canadian media chains, individual newspapers, federal departments and provincial governments, as well as government agencies in the United States and United Kingdom.

Winn is available to discuss issues related to freedom of speech, among others.

For more information on Winn visit: https://carleton.ca/polisci/people/winn-conrad/

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Media Relations Officer
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