Carleton University has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for the second consecutive year – a testament to the institution’s commitment to career growth and satisfaction, inclusivity and connectedness.

“Compassion, purpose, and partnership are three of the key values that make Carleton unique,” says Carleton’s Interim President and Vice-Chancellor Jerry Tomberlin. “Being recognized for yet another year as a top employer in Canada is a testament to these standards that our remarkable community has fostered and continues to prioritize.”

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Carleton kicks off the academic year at the annual community breakfast

A Place to Learn and Grow

With more than 2,400 full-time staff and faculty members, Carleton is dedicated to ensuring they have ample opportunities for personal and professional development. Regularly scheduled professional development workshops range in topics from Indigenous learning, student support, and workplace mental health – to supervisory, managerial and leadership development opportunities.

“Carleton encourages its employees to reach their full potential and to be life-long learners,” says Lorraine Dyke, Carleton’s Vice-President (Finance and Administration). “We are very proud of our campus community.”

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Carleton hosted its first Challenge Conference on May 10, addressing mental health in Canada

Employees are further encouraged to develop their skills and expertise through access to career development funds, which provide staff members with financial support to pursue new skills that will help them grow their careers; teaching and learning funds, giving faculty members support and freedom bring in new ideas and platforms to their classrooms; tuition benefits which allow staff members to take courses at Carleton at no cost.

Carleton also fosters a culture of employee networking, collaboration and relationship-building. This commitment is demonstrated through various events aimed at promoting a sense of community.

Events such as the annual community breakfast, Service Excellence Awards, a staff appreciation day, and a holiday luncheon offer opportunities to acknowledge and honor the contributions of employees. This year, the annual Carleton Appreciation Day returned for an in-person event, welcoming more than a thousand staff and faculty to celebrate. The event took place in Carleton’s Alumni Park and included live music, henna tattoos and bracelet making, registered massage therapy, games and prizes, a photobooth, and more.

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Carleton University marked the return of its in-person Carleton Appreciation Day on June 22

Nurturing a Smart and Caring Community

Carleton prides itself in fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, inclusivity and accessibility. As such, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is a priority in both its academic mission and core activities, to ensure that all members of the community can achieve their full potential.

A group of people wearing colorful clothes hold a white and red sign as they march in the Pride parade

Carleton staff, faculty and students showed their pride at Ottawa’s Capital Pride Parade

In line with this, is Carleton’s commitment to employee health and well-being. Advocating for strong work-life balance, the university provides a plentiful vacation days, excellent benefits packages and comprehensive mental health supports. It cultivates wellness for its employees through the in-house Therapy Dog Program, and programs like Healthy Workplace, which hosts activities that encourage faculty and staff to be physically and mentally active.

On Nov. 30, Carleton was also recognized by Canada’s Top Employer as a Top Employer for Canadians Over 40 for the second consecutive year. These recognitions, in the company of other organizations of note, are exceptional honours and a point of pride.

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