The U.S. House Committee hearings on the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol are underway, and Carleton experts are available to comment on related topics

Please feel free to contact the experts below to schedule an interview. If you have trouble connecting or if you are looking for experts to discuss other specific subjects, please contact Steven Reid at

Melissa Haussman
Professor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University


Haussman teaches both United States and comparative North American political science. She has focused on questions of women’s access to political power in North America. Haussman regularly comments on topics related to the American election and politics.

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Elliot Tepper
Professor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University


Tepper is a professor of comparative politics and international relations. He regularly provides media commentary at home and abroad on a wide range of topics, providing context and deep background to the news stories of the day. Tepper’s areas of expertise include American politics, diversity issues in Canada, geopolitics, immigration and multiculturalism.

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