A Carleton expert is available to discuss subjects related to today’s tornado watch across eastern Ontario and western Quebec and recent extreme weather events.

Please feel free to contact the expert below to schedule an interview. If you have trouble connecting or if you are looking for experts to discuss other specific subjects, please contact Steven Reid at steven.reid3@carleton.ca.

Marylynn Steckley
Instructor, Global and International Studies at Carleton University


Steckley is happy to discuss climate change/disasters in a broad sense, and especially the discord between personal experiences of climate change and social perceptions of climate change outside of the impacted community.

She is also available to discuss the linkages between rising climate change disasters and the impacts on individual anxiety and mental health (eco-anxiety).

For more information of Steckley, please visit: https://carleton.ca/bgins/people/marylynn-steckley/.

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Thursday, June 16, 2022 in
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