Asian Heritage Month is an opportunity to learn more about the experiences, leadership and achievements of Canadians of Asian descent and the ways they positively impact the world.

Carleton experts are available to discuss a variety of topics related to Asian Heritage Month. Feel free to contact any of the experts below to set up a time to speak.

Rueban Balasubramaniam
Professor, Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University


Balasubramaniam’s areas of interest are Malaysian law and politics. As well, he is also interested in the overlap between ethno-authoritarian legalism and politics and emerging similar patterns in liberal democracies, including Canada.

He can discuss aspects of Canadian constitutional law that have migrated to authoritarian contexts, where judges have drawn inspiration from Canadian case law to try to control authoritarian regimes.

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Xiaobei Chen
Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University


Chen has spoken to journalists about approaches to fighting anti-Asian racism in Canada and authored an article on the issues around model minority stereotypes.

Chen’s research is focused on the theorizing of citizenship, governance, identity and cultural politics in Canadian and Chinese national and transnational contexts, the child and the construction of modernity, diaspora studies, governmentality, feminist theory, post-colonialism and pragmatism.

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Laura Madokoro
Professor, Department of History at Carleton University


Madokoro’s research explores various facets of the history of refugees and humanitarianism. She is especially interested in questions relating to settler colonialism, human rights and race.

Madokoro is the author of Elusive Refuge: Chinese Migrants in the Cold War, which documents the experience of Chinese refugees during the cold war and the politics of exclusion and humanitarianism among the white settler societies.

She can discuss the Chinese diasporic experience as well as Japanese-Canadian experience.

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Jeremy Paltiel
Professor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University


Paltiel’s areas of expertise include the politics, government and foreign policies of Asia (China and Japan), development politics and Canada–China relations.

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Ming Tiampo
Professor, School for Studies in Art and Culture at Carleton University


Tiampo is available to discuss Asian Canadian visual culture.

Tiampo has published on Japanese modernism, war art in Japan, globalization and art, multiculturalism in Canada, and the connections between Inuit and Japanese prints.

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Yanling Wang
Professor, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University


Wang’s expertise lies in international trade and investment, but she is happy to discuss her own personal experiences, including her assent as an Asian woman in a male-dominated field with English being her second language, and her experience raising children of Asian heritage in Canada.

In addition to her academic research, Wang has served as the president for Canadian Women Economists Network, the president for the Chinese Economists Society, the Chair of Regent for the Chinese Economists Society, and a committee member for Canadian Women Economists Committee.

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