Canada Day is fast approaching and Carleton University experts are available to discuss a number of related topics.

Please feel free to contact the expert below to schedule an interview. If you have trouble connecting or if you are looking for experts to discuss other specific subjects, please contact Steven Reid at

Paolo Gentile
PhD Candidate, Political Science at Carleton University


Gentile is available to discuss the symbolic and unifying role that the Canadian flag has on Canadians, including its representation of democracy and human rights, and as a symbol of what Canadians aspire to be. He is also available to discuss the significance of Canada Day.

Gentile’s work is focused on the decline of democratic sentiment in the United States and Canada.

Richard Nimijean
Instructor, School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies at Carleton University


Nimijean is available to discuss Canada’s flag.

He has researched, written and taught in the areas of Canadian Studies, Canadian politics and public policy, regional innovation systems, science and technology policy, and scholarly communication.

He co-authored the article, Marketing the Maple Leaf: The Curious Case of National Flag of Canada Day.

Nimijean’s research interests focus on national identity and the branding of Canada, the relationship between Canada’s role as a global actor and the Canadian identity, and the politics of the brand state. His current research and writing projects include cross-border perspectives on Canada–U.S. relations and global issues from a Canadian perspective.

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Jonathan Malloy
Professor, Department of Political Science at Carleton University


Malloy’s key areas of research include Canadian political institutions, parliamentary committees and prime ministerial leadership. He is available to discuss subjects related to Canadian politics and identity.

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Dominique Marshall
Professor, Department of History at Carleton University


Marshall teaches courses on rethinking modern Canadian society and on the impact of science, technology, engineering, and math on Canadian society. She has done significant research on the history of social policy, children’s rights, humanitarian aid, refugees, disability and technology.

She writes about Canadian social policies and poor families and the history of OXFAM in Canada.

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