Carleton University is the first post-secondary institution to be recognized by Excellence Canada with two significant national certifications for Healthy Workplace and Mental Health at Work.

Canada Awards for Excellence LogoWithin the Healthy Workplace framework, Carleton was awarded the Canada Order of Excellence, the highest level of recognition from Excellence Canada. In addition, Carleton also received the Platinum Level certification in the Mental Health at Work framework.

“We can all take pride in these important national awards and in all the progress we have made in building our health and wellness culture on campus,” says Carleton President Benoit-Antoine Bacon.

“Over the years, Excellence Canada has provided invaluable frameworks that have guided our work to support faculty and staff wellness in a holistic way that responds to, and supports, their health and wellness needs.”

Carleton will be formally recognized by Excellence Canada at a virtual celebration on Nov. 4.

Carleton has recently reinforced its commitment to wellbeing through its Strategic Integrated Plan. One of the key pillars is Strive for Wellness, which explicitly recognize that talking honestly about mental health and wellness makes us a stronger and more resilient community.

These certifications recognize not only that Carleton has established good practices, but that they are sustainable in the long-term. Excellence Canada verifiers were satisfied that Carleton regularly measures impact, has achieved excellent results and is viewed as a leader within the sector and beyond.

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Thursday, October 21, 2021 in
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