The COVID-19 crisis required all sectors, including universities, to alter their processes virtually overnight.

Alex Usher, a post-secondary expert and president of Higher Education Strategy Associates, recently appeared on TVO’s The Agenda to discuss various approaches to online classes, supporting students and faculty, and communicating to stakeholders.

He emphasized that the most successful universities have come through the crisis as a community, kept open lines of communications, shared clear expectations and have asked how best to support students, faculty and staff.

When asked to think about post-secondary education at the beginning of the pandemic versus today and the biggest lessons to be learned, Usher singled out Carleton for praise.

“Carleton is the one that just stands out for me as having had exceptional leadership through a pandemic,” said Usher.

When the pandemic began, Carleton President Benoit-Antoine Bacon began communicating directly with the community through emails, social media and a dedicated web page. For weeks, he shared daily messages that informed and consoled. Bacon continues to share news about decision-making, policy and support, and Carleton’s COVID-19 web page is constantly updated with new information as the situation evolves.

View Usher’s full interview here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 in
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