Carleton University’s Erik Anonby, professor in the School of Linguistics and Language Studies and Department of French, has been elected to the Royal Society of Canada (RSC)’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists in recognition of his role in the emerging generation of Canadian intellectual leadership.

“Professor Anonby’s approach to language mapping using digital tools and sharing this knowledge globally has been a tremendous asset to Carleton, and further enhances our considerable strengths in linguistics, endangered languages and mapping innovation,” said Rafik Goubran, vice-president (Research and International).  “I’d like to thank the Royal Society of Canada for recognizing Professor Anonby’s distinctive work.”

Anonby probes and maps the contributions of linguistic diversity to individual human experiences, collective heritage and survival.

“Minority language communities, with their unique arts, knowledge, and history, hold a key place in understanding what it means to be human,” said Anonby. “I’ve devoted my life to nurturing linguistic diversity, which carries the seeds of the past into the future and is essential for a future where all people thrive. The RSC has shown an increasing commitment to diversity that transcends dominant narratives, and I’m honoured that my colleagues have recognized minority languages as essential in society and in globally-engaged scholarship.”

He is the first linguist to employ the multi-modal, community-based Nunaliit Atlas Framework to language mapping. His team has worked to ensure that scholars and language users can access the maps and contribute to them globally.

Recipient of the Humboldt Foundation’s Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, Anonby leads an international 60-member research network in the Atlas of the Languages of Iran (ALI). He has written seven books, 49 scholarly articles and 24 publications of poetry and language-related work for popular audiences.

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