Carleton University’s Faculty of Engineering and Design will present its third annual Breakthrough Breakfast on Thursday, March 4, 2021. Hosted by the School of Information Technology Prof. Audrey Girouard, the event will feature trailblazing PhD and postdoctoral researchers at Carleton in honour of International Women’s Day and International Womxn’s Week in Ottawa.

When: Thursday, March 4, 2021 from 9 to 10 a.m.

About the Speakers

Emma Farago is currently pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Carleton. Her research interests include developing wearable assistive devices and biomedical signal processing. Her thesis involves signal quality analysis of electromyograms (muscle signals) to improve smart assistive and rehabilitative devices.

Jin Kang is a postdoctoral fellow at Carleton’s Creative Interactions Lab. She investigates how media and communication technologies can be designed to promote overall well-being and encourage individuals to achieve their better selves. In this talk, she will discuss her projects on chatbot, social media and wearable trackers that fall within this overarching research agenda.

Brittany Allison is currently pursuing a Master’s of Applied Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering at Carleton. Her research on integrated circuits and high-speed communication links focuses on improving Internet access and speed in relation to the increased demand for high-speed Internet with more people working from home during the pandemic.

About the Host

Audrey Girouard leads Carleton’s Creative Interactions Lab and the Collaborative Learning of Usability Experiences training program. Specializing in next generation interactions, her research focuses on deformable devices and wearables. Her work has applications in health, accessibility, gaming, creative input and mobile devices.

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