The holiday season is approaching, and Carleton experts are available to discuss related topics, including stress and food (including alcoholic beverages); Christmas, Hanukkah, and Yule; the science of Santa Claus; and New Year’s resolutions.

Alfonso Abizaid
Professor, Neuroscience


Abizaid is available to discuss topics related to stress and food, as well as spending time with family and loneliness during the holidays.

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Kimberly Stratton
Associate Professor, College of the Humanities


Stratton is available to discuss the historical authenticity of the Christmas story in the Bible, the true origins of Hanukkah and Wiccan Yule.

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Zeba Crook
Professor, Religion


Crook is available to discuss the origins of Christmas, the war on Christmas, and the creation of the earliest Christian narratives about the birth of Jesus.

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Jim Davies
Professor, Department of Cognitive Science


Davies is available to discuss the science behind believing in Santa Claus, as well as habits and New Year’s resolutions.

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Rod Phillips
Professor, Department of History


Phillips is available to discuss the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the holidays. Phillips researches the history of wine and teaches the history of alcohol.

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