Friday, December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and Carleton experts are available to comment.

Erica Carson-Sami
Instructor, School of Social Work


Carson-Sami is available to discuss barriers to employment and inclusive leadership, as well as the importance of using disability-positive language. She can share her experience as a woman with a disability. Carson-Sami teaches the fourth-year course Social Work and People with Disabilities.

Prior to her current role as a policy analyst with the Government of Canada, Carson-Sami was a research and development officer for the David C. Onley Initiative where she worked with post-secondary institutions to build their capacity in supporting students with disabilities throughout their employment journey. She has run a mentorship program for adults with disabilities who experienced barriers to employment and worked with community health centres to build inclusive and accessible hiring practices. Carson-Sami has over a decade of experience volunteering in the disability community.

Cathy Malcolm Edwards

Lead, Coordinated Accessibility Strategy Implementation


Malcolm Edwards is available to discuss Carleton’s coordinated accessibility strategy and the relationship between the built environment and mental health.

Malcolm Edwards leads the coordinated accessibility strategy at Carleton. She is a Master of Design candidate and a trainee of the Research and Education in Accessibility, Design, and Innovation (READi) training program—Canada’s first interdisciplinary post-secondary accessibility-training program. Malcolm Edwards identifies with living experiences of visible and non-visible disabilities.

Boris Vukovic
Director, Research, Education, Accessibility and Design (READ) Initiative; National Director, Canadian Accessibility Network


Vukovic is available to discuss accessibility-related topics and non-visible disabilities in the context of higher education. He is also available to discuss the READ Initiative, the Canadian Accessibility Network and Carleton’s Coordinated Accessibility Strategy.

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Adrian Chan
Professor, Department Systems and Computer Engineering; Director, READi


Chan is available to discuss accessibility-related research activities at Carleton, including the READi accessibility training program and the Abilities Living Laboratory.

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Dominique Marshall
Professor, Department of History


Marshall is a member of the Carleton University Disability Research group. She is available to discuss the group’s work on oral histories of disability activists, history of disability, inclusion on campus, as well as disability and technology.

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