As federal election campaigns continue, Carleton experts are available to speak about prognostication of polling and provide critical look at polling numbers.

Jon Pammett
Professor, Political Science

Pammett is one of Canada’s premier specialists on survey research. He participated in the design of the Canadian National Election Studies of 1974, 1979 and 1980, and other surveys of more recent elections and referendums. He has written several books and is co-editor, with Chris Dornan, of The Canadian General Election of… series, most recently The Canadian General Election of 2015. Pammett’s research on the nature of democratic participation includes a number of reports and articles for Elections Canada.  He also works on electronic voting in Canada and around the world.

Conrad Winn
Professor, Political Science

Winn’s research interests include public opinion, communications and public affairs. In recent years, his geographic focus has extended from North America and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries to volatile societies on three continents, where he has done polling. His special interest is democracy, its appeal, and its adversaries. As a public opinion researcher, Winn has provided strategic counsel to the main media chains in Canada, many individual newspapers,  federal departments,  provinces and government agencies.

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