As nations gather in Glasgow for COP26, Carleton experts are available to comment on related topics.

Leanne Keddie
Assistant Professor, Sprott School of Business


Keddie is available to discuss sustainability and companies, including how firms measure and report their impact on society and the environment.

Keddie’s research examines corporate sustainability reporting, sustainable bonuses being paid by companies to executives as part of corporate compensation plans and sustainability performance. Her current research project looks at how companies pay bonuses based on greenhouse gas emission goals.

Chris Burn
Chancellor’s Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies


Burn is available to discuss permafrost. His research is focused on the relation between climate and permafrost. Burn has been particularly interested in determining the response of ground temperatures and the active layer to climate warming as observed in the western Arctic since 1970. He is the president of the International Permafrost Association.

Stefania Maggi
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology


Maggi’s areas of expertise are youth activism and participation; emotional impacts of climate change on young people; psychological adaptation (coping and resilience); parenting in the climate change era; and the psychology of climate change.

James Meadowcroft
Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration


Meadowcroft is available to discuss energy transition. His recent work focuses on energy and the transition to a low carbon society and includes publications on carbon capture and storage (CCS), smart grids, the development of Ontario’s electricity system, the politics of socio-technical transitions and negative carbon emissions.

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