May 3-9 is the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Mental Health Week. Carleton experts are available to comment on related topics and research.

Argel Aguilar-Valles
Professor, Neuroscience


Aguilar-Valles oversees the Aguilar-Valles Lab, which focuses on the molecular mechanisms that underlie psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. They use a combination of biochemistry, molecular biology and animal models to understand how genetic risk factors contribute to mental illness. They are investigating how genetic mutations affect brain development and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) pathophysiology and how antidepressant activation of the mTORC1 pathway contributes to major depressive disorder (MDD) treatment.

Amedeo D’Angiulli
Professor, Neuroscience


D’Angiulli is available to discuss the social determinants of mental health and wellness. He can also comment on healthy/optimal development in children and across the life-span.

Chad M. Danyluck
Professor, Psychology


Danyluck is a social psycho-physiologist who studies interpersonal interactions. His primary research interests focus on understanding the interpersonal processes that promote and detract from the health and wellbeing of underrepresented groups, with an emphasis on Indigenous people. His aim is to understand the combination of subjective, behavioral, physiological and social factors that support harmonious interpersonal relationships in diverse societies and to help underrepresented groups live safer, healthier and happier lives.

Jessica Desrochers
PhD candidate, Psychology


Desrochers’ current research examines how connecting to nature and environmental actions may affect our happiness and overall well-being. She will also be teaching a non-credit Spring Seminar on The Benefits of Nature on Our Well-being available to the public.

Kim Hellemans
Professor, Neuroscience


Hellemans is available to discuss her ongoing work exploring how COVID-19 is impacting student mental health and substance use.

Hellemans’ research interest lies in the study of vulnerability to mental illness. Her current research examines how prenatal exposure to alcohol influences later life susceptibility to mental illness. In the past, her research explored the role of adverse environmental experiences in susceptibility to drug addiction.

Hellemans is also interested in sex differences in mental illnesses; depression is twice as common among women. She is a co-host of the Minding the Brain podcast.

Joanna Pozzulo
Professor, Psychology and Director, Mental Health and Well-being Research and Training Hub (MeWeRTH)


The goal Pozzulo’s research is to understand how memory in the applied context of witnessing crime differs developmentally and the cognitive/social processes eyewitnesses engage to recall the event and recognize the culprit. As a secondary line of research, Pozzulo is interested in the factors that influence perceptions of historical cases of sexual misconduct within a juror-decision-making paradigm.

She is available to speak with media about MeWeRTH generally and the importance of breaking down barriers to education for health promotion.

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