As Canadians head to the polls leading up to the federal election on Sept. 20, Carleton experts are available to comment on related topics and research.

Alexandra Mallett
Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration


 Mallett’s experience spans academia and the public sectors, working on the design, implementation and evaluation of energy, climate change and environmental policy. She is available to comment on each party’s climate policy, including emissions targets, carbon tax and transitioning to a clean economy.

Her research interests include examining the innovation, co-operation, and adoption processes involved in sustainable energy technologies, especially in emerging economies, Canada and the United States.  A further line of her research focuses on contemporary shifts involved in the governance of natural resources, with a particular focus on mining.

She has worked for the Canadian government, an intergovernmental organization and academic institutions.

Conrad Winn
Professor, Political Science


Winn’s research interests include public opinion, communications and public affairs. He is available to discuss a range of electoral topics including voter turnout, minority and majority governments and electoral reform.

In recent years, his geographic focus has extended from North America to volatile societies on three continents, where he has done polling. His special interest is democracy, its appeal, and its adversaries. As a public opinion researcher, Winn has provided strategic counsel to the main media chains in Canada, many individual newspapers, federal departments, provinces and government agencies.

Media Contact
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