As flooding continues in B.C. and the impact becomes better understood, Carleton experts are available to comment on a variety of related issues.

Graeme Auld
Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration, with a cross appointment in the Institute of Political Economy


Auld’s expertise includes, comparative and global environmental politics and policy, international political economy, transnational private governance and private regulation, corporate social responsibility, climate change, and natural resource governance.

For more information on Auld, please visit:

Kamal Hossain
Professor of Pavement Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Hossain’s expertise is in the area of road and pavement infrastructure engineering and he has recently supervised a graduate thesis on how climate change will impact road and pavement performance. He would be happy to discuss how the roads/pavement in B.C. have been affected by flooding/mud slides.

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Gary Martin
Instructor, Sprott School of Business


Martin is starting a new project looking at flood risk and development politics in Ottawa. His focus is on residential sustainability and sustainable urbanism, how houses are built and neighbourhoods are planned to survive extreme weather events brought on by climate change.

Note: Martin is only available to answer questions submitted to him by email.

James Meadowcroft
Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration


Meadowcroft is available to discuss ongoing climate change and the impact those changes may have going forward.

Meadowcroft is also available to discuss energy transition. His recent work focuses on energy and the transition to a low carbon society and includes publications on carbon capture and storage (CCS), smart grids, the development of Ontario’s electricity system, the politics of socio-technical transitions and negative carbon emissions.

For more information on Meadowcroft, please visit:

Scott Mitchell
Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies


Mitchell can discuss changes to extreme weather in the context of climate change, especially as it relates to agricultural production. His expertise spans diverse subjects such as spatial pattern and environmental processes, global change impacts on agriculture, and biodiversity and ecosystem services.

For more information on Mitchell, please visit:

Marylynn Steckley
Instructor, Bachelor of Global and International Studies


Steckley is happy to discuss climate change/disasters in a broad sense, and especially the discord between personal experiences of climate change and social perceptions of climate change outside of the impacted community, we often minimize disasters that we don’t experience.

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