As the Canadian government announced that Indigenous people can now reclaim traditional names on their passports and other ID, a Carleton expert is available to comment.

Kahente Horn-Miller (Kanienkehaka)

Associate Professor, School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies


Kahente Horn-Miller (Kahente means “she walks ahead”) (Kanien:keha’ka/Mohawk) is a figurative bridge builder as she continues to research and write on issues such as Indigenous methodologies, Indigenous women, identity politics, colonization, Indigenous governance and consensus-based decision-making for her community and our wider society. Her governance work and community-based research involves interpreting Haudenosaunee culture and bringing new life to old traditions.

She continues to work with the research advisory for the Kahnawà:ke Diabetes Prevention Project along with writing and publishing in her areas of interest. It is the fruit of her endeavours as a Mohawk, an educator and a mother that she brings into her interactions with Kahnawà:ke:ronon (people of Kahnawà:ke) and the academic community.

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