A Carleton expert is available to comment on the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd.

Warren Clarke
PhD student and Instructor, Sociology

Email: Warrenclarke@cmail.carleton.ca

Clarke is available to speak to media about the trial, verdict and its potential implications. His research interests include youth cultures, social citizenship, neoliberalism and gentrification, race and ethnicity, anti-colonialism and masculinity. His dissertation will be focusing on how first and second generation young Canadian African and Caribbean Black (ACB) men experience youth employment training programs in Ontario and Quebec.

Clarke has dedicated much of his academic and professional career to helping Black youth overcome social barriers in schools, and in the Ontario judicial system, which has inspired his work and research. He has strong ties to many Canadian communities, specifically youth-centered organizations.

To bring awareness to the stigmatization and social barriers faced by ACB young men, Clarke has curated and facilitated a community event series called Barber Shop Talk. This event dedicates itself to disrupting misconceptions about Black masculinity, creating a space for conversation, expression and the generation of solutions for some of the significant stressors that Canadian Black men and boys face. More information about Clarke can be found here.

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