Carleton University has founded Ontario Post-Secondary eSports (OPSE), a first-of-its-kind eSports league. The new league will launch Oct. 5, 2020 with a game between Carleton and Fanshawe College at 8 p.m. This first match will play the title Rocket League.

“We are proud to partner with our talented student club and are very excited to see this new opportunity develop across the province for our student athletes,” said Assistant Vice-President of Recreation and Athletics Jennifer Brenning. “OPSE will provide a mechanism for Ontario post-secondary students to participate in school rivalries and competition as we head into the 2020-2021 academic year.”

OPSE will be broadcast matches live four days a week directly to fans. With a mixed broadcast schedule, every team will have an opportunity to be broadcast during the regular season. While Carleton’s match will not be broadcast week one, the week two game can be viewed at:

The full schedule can be found at :

With the university and college sports season cancelled for the fall, OPSE is primed to step into a major vacuum in the Ontario sports scene.

Carleton is the first founding member of the league and will have a Ravens team compete in each of the four titles offered:

*   Overwatch
*   Rocket League
*   Hearthstone
*   League of Legends

League playoffs will begin in March with championships to be awarded near the end of the month. Champions will win scholarship money and a trophy.

The league has been spearheaded by the Athletics Department at Carleton in partnership with alumni of Tespa Carleton, Carleton’s student operated eSports club.

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