World Space Week is taking place from Oct. 4 to Oct. 10 and Carleton experts are available to comment on related topics

Borna Monazzah Moghaddam
PhD candidate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Moghaddam is an avid technology enthusiast who is interested in how space technology can better our lives on earth. His research at Carleton’s Autonomous Space Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory looks at space situational awareness, space debris, robotic space exploration, and robotic in-orbit servicing, repair and assembly. Moghaddam is also available to speak about space and science outreach programs.

Jurek Sasiadek
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Sasiadek is available to speak about advances in space technology including robotics and automation, control systems, guidance and navigation and aerospace control. His research looks at topics including guidance, navigation and control (GNC), robotics, sensor and data fusion, space robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile robots, intelligent and adaptive control systems and autonomous systems.

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