Canadian Mental Health Week is May 4 to 10 and Carleton experts are available to discuss related topics.

Alfonso Abizaid Bucio
Professor, Department of Neuroscience


Abizaid Bucio is available to discuss the importance of maintaining social connections, cooking as a coping mechanism and the impact of social media on mental health.

Abizaid Bucio’s research interest lies in neuroendocrine modulation of appetitive behaviors, hormonal regulation of circadian rhythms, aging and hypothalamic regulation. Areas of specialization include neuroendocrine control feeding, reward and behavioral rhythms.

Jim Davies
Professor, Institute of Cognitive Science and School of Computer Science


Davies is available to discuss the relative benefits of texting, phone calls, and social media on feelings of loneliness and social connection. He is also available to discuss anxiety, depression, fear, prejudice and feelings of isolation during the pandemic.

As director of the Science of Imagination Laboratory, Davies explores computational modelling and artificial intelligence applied to human visual imagination. His work has shown how people use visual thinking to solve problems and how they visualize imagined situations and worlds. He is a frequent contributor to Nautilus magazine and is author of Riveted: The Science of How Jokes Make Us Laugh, Movies Make Us Cry, and Religion Makes Us Feel One with the Universe. He is co-host of the award-winning Minding the Brain podcast.

Kim Hellemans
Instructor III, Department Chair, Department of Neuroscience


Hellemans is available to discuss the impact of social isolation on mental health and stress during the COVID-19 outbreak. She is also available to speak to the impact of substance abuse on mental health.

Hellemans’ research interest lies in the study of vulnerability to mental illness. Her past research explored the role of adverse environmental experience in susceptibility to drug addiction. Her current research examines how prenatal exposure to alcohol influences later life susceptibility to mental illness.

Hellmans’ other main research interest is sex differences in mental illnesses; depression is twice as common among women. She is a co-host of the Minding the Brain podcast.

Benny Michaud
Assistant Director of Equity and Inclusive Communities & Responsible for the Centre for Indigenous Initiatives


Michaud is available to discuss the importance of maintaining social connections and emotional support while practicing physical distancing.

As Assistant Director of Equity Services, Michaud supports the needs of Indigenous youth in both the mental health and education sectors. As an Indigenous Liaison Officer at Carleton, Michaud is committed to ensuring Indigenous students have the academic, cultural and spiritual supports necessary for health and wellbeing in the future.

John Zelenski
Professor, Department of Psychology


Zelenski is available to speak to the basics of happiness and psychological well-being.

Zelenski has studied the traits of introversion-extraversion and how people enact these behaviours in day-to-day life in ways that are inconsistent with their traits. Zelenski’s other line of research investigates differences in people’s sense of connection to nature and links to happiness and environmentally responsible behaviours. Zelenski is the director of the Carleton University Happiness Laboratory.

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