U.S. President Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19 and Carleton experts are available to comment.

Melissa Haussman
Professor, Department of Political Science

Email: melissa.haussman@carleton.ca 

Haussman teaches in both the United States and comparative North American fields. Her scholarship has generally focused on questions of women’s access to political power in North America. Her research has centered on women’s ability to gender public policy and related debates, especially on reproductive rights and health care systems. She is particularly interested in the roles played by federalism and supranational mechanisms in affording either opportunities or barriers to women’s policy successes.

Stephen Saideman
Professor, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

Email: stephen.saideman@carleton.ca 

Saideman is available to speak to the foreign policy and national security implications. He is an expert in civil-military relations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), ethnic conflict and foreign policy analysis.

Elliot Tepper
Emeritus Professor, Department of Political Science

Email: e_tepper@carleton.ca

Tepper is a professor of comparative politics and international relations. He regularly provides media commentary at home and abroad on a wide range of topics, providing context and deep background to the news stories of the day. Tepper’s areas of expertise include American politics, diversity issues in Canada, geopolitics, immigration and multiculturalism.

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