The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) will provide more than $5 million over five years to fund PermafrostNet, a Canadian research network of 12 universities and more than 40 partner organizations.  This important partnership is led by Carleton University’s Stephan Gruber, professor and Canada Research Chair in Climate Change Impacts/Adaptation in Northern Canada.

The objective of the highly competitive NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks is to increase research and training in targeted areas, contributing to a better quality of life in Canada. Only two networks were funded this year across Canada.

“Carleton fosters leading researchers and partners who are committed to finding innovative approaches to issues facing Canada’s North,” said Rafik Goubran, vice-president (Research and International). “By leading this collaboration, Carleton’s contribution to Arctic research is taking another major step forward.”

This network will transform Canadian permafrost science by enabling systematic investigation, training the next generation of experts, translating and mobilizing knowledge, and positioning Canada as a decision-making leader in the Arctic.

Permafrost underlies more than one-third of the Canadian land surface and nearly all of it will experience thaw during the 21st century. The resulting disruption to natural and human systems will influence the lives of northerners, policy-making and access to natural resources. Currently, thawing permafrost and the problems it creates are only partially understood.

“With PermafrostNet, we contribute to building the relationships and the knowledge that Canada needs to adapt to widespread permafrost thaw in the long term,” said Gruber, professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies.

This new network focuses on one big question: Where and when is permafrost thaw occurring and what are the hazards? The network has the research capacity that no single group or agency can provide and can transform knowledge and practice on a national scale.

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