Following the launch of an impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s actions involving Ukraine, Carleton experts are available to comment.

Melissa Haussman
Professor, Department of Political Science


Haussman teaches United States and comparative North American politics. Her scholarship has generally focused on questions of women’s access to political power in North America. She is currently co-editor of the International Journal of Canadian Studies.  Among her publications is a co-authored chapter with Prof. Lori Turnbull comparing the shift toward “responsible parties” in the U.S. Congress versus a more executive-centered system in Canada under former prime minister Stephen Harper. This chapter was part of Canada and the U.S.: Differences that Count (2014). This book was listed as one of the Hill Times Top 100 Books on Canada in 2014.

Aaron Ettinger
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Phone:  613-329-6055

Ettinger specializes in international relations and foreign policy, and has expertise on U.S. foreign policy and contemporary crises in world politics. His current research focuses on continuity and change in U.S. foreign policy since 2001 and its implications for world order. He has written on U.S. and Canadian foreign policy, teaching in international relations and the private military industry. Ettinger’s research has been published in Security Dialogue, Millennium, International Journal, Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Politics, and Comparative Strategy.

Elliot Tepper
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, and Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Security and Defence Studies

Phone: 613-225-8076 or 613-852-4262

Tepper has worked with national and international organizations on a broad range of topics and has been engaged with media throughout his career. He can offer commentary on international relations, nuclear issues, the United Nations and terrorism.

Stephen Saideman
Paterson Chair in International Affairs, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

Phone: 613-520-2600, ext. 1369

Saideman is available to discuss U.S. foreign policy.

Saideman is the director of the Canadian Defence and Security Network. His current research focuses on the role of legislatures in democratic civil-military relations.  He teaches courses on contemporary international security, civil-military relations and U.S. foreign and defence policy.

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